Full Dip® 4 Litre format is specially designed for colour change or

protection of large surfaces.

This format is ready to be used with our own turbine setup or a

traditional paint gun setup. No thinning is needed.

It is ready to spray. No measuring needed, give it

a mix, pour into gun and spray away!

All colours that are available in 400ml aerosol format

are available in the 4 litres too.

How does it work? We keep the main colours

in stock all the time. There is no need to

keep lots and lots of coloured 4 litre dip on

the shelf.

Simply add the appropriate pigment or

drop-in to the 4 litre CLEAR MATTE to achieve

the colour you want.

It is a very simple system. We implemented it

years ago, now we notice other systems, new

and old are copying it! Which must mean it’s the

right way. As they say, copying is the best form of flattery.

Full Dip® MATTE

We keep 3 ready to go 4 litres mattes. The BLACK and PRIMER GREY because they are the most popular base colours. Matte BLACK is also the most popular colour for cars and wheels too. CLEAR is used for everything else. Adding the coloured drop-ins / pigments we do. Again, NO measuring needed. The FullDip drop-ins and pigments are ready to pour into the CLEAR, mix and spray. Simple as that. We carry all the same colours in pigment and drop-in format the same as all the aerosol colours. Once added to the CLEAR and mixed, it is ready to spray. Will give a MATTE finish as standard


The GLOSSIFIER is used as a topcoat for the MATTE dip once the projects colour stage is completed.

It is READY TO SPRAY, NO thinning is required. Simply pop the lid, stir, pour into gun and spray.

The more coats, the shinier it gets. It will not give a full OEM finish however. But it is easy to spray and designed for the beginner / DIY user.

Full Dip® SATIN

SATIN gives a different look and really works well with a lot of colours, especially pearls. It is still different enough to not look like a normal car with the GLOSS finish, but different from the MATTE. We like a lot :)