All Full Dip® aerosols are 400mL. The white nozzle is included as standard.
(You can purchase the red nozzle separately.) The WHITE nozzle is high precision and normal flow, and the RED high flow wider fan nozzle. Ideal for covering large areas in the shortest time. Each 400mL aerosol covers upto 1.2m2 4 coats

(depending on colour). We recommend you use the WHITE for most

applications. Using the RED on smaller parts can cause you to get runs

as it is a high flow nozzle.

General Information 400ml Aerosols


Full Dip® Liquid wrap - AEROSOL


Liquid vinyl that once dries becomes elastic and a peelable film, allowing easy removal.
Formulated with high quality resins and it is very fast drying. Intended for automotive decoration and

accessories, graphic arts, lettering, furniture decoration and the industrial sector.



- Very fast-drying

-Strong adhesion on any surface

-High elasticity for long periods of time

-Resistant to washing with pressurized water and car wash

-Final result very smooth and uniform

- Excellent for waterproofing wood

- Almost permanent over porous surfaces


1.- Surface must be completely clean before use. Ensure that the surface is grease, wax, oil... free.

2 - Tolerance test. Although FullDip is compatible with metal, plastic, glass, wood, etc... If possible,

perform a small preliminary test of compatibility.

3.- Shake the can before using for one minute.

4.- Apply in coats with even smooth passes and an even distance.

5-Dry time between coats is 10 minutes (at minimum).

6-Repeat the process until reaching 100-200 microns thick, about 5 wet coats, the last one abundant.

7-Invert the spray and press the sprayer till it stops spraying. This cleans the valve and makes sure ready

for next use



Used as a coating to protect any surface, becoming an elastic and a peelable film.

Dry to touch: 10 minutes.

Possible repainting: 10 minutes at least

Complete drying: 24hr

Product life: 4 years

Spray 400ml covers approximately 1.2m2 (4 coats)

Recommended thickness for maximum resistance 0.2mm

Thickness per coat 30-40 microns

Resistance to temperature: 85°

Application between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius.

Good resistance to UV, except Fluorescent Colours.


A lot of the colours need the appropriate base colour. It sounds complicated initially, but very simple. Rule of

thumb is that for "Solid' colour range, the BLACK, GUNMETAL GREY AND NARDO GREY do not all others require

a PRIMER GREY base colour first. This will give the chosen colour the best chance to look how you want it to and

therefore use the PRIMER GREY first, then WHITE, then the chosen colour, such as YELLOW, or ORANGE etc..It

how you see the pictures. For colours to really pop, the lighter colours benefit from a WHITE base, so we would
therefore use the PRIMER GREY first, then WHITE, then the chosen colour, such as YELLOW, or ORANGE ect.. It

will say our recommendations on the website anyway.



These are the same as solids. They are a metallic finish. Again, use a PRIMER BASE for all metallics, the exception being the BLACK, HYPER BLACK AND GUNMETAL GREY. The lighter colours benefit from a WHITE midcoat too. SO PRIMER GREY, then the WHITE, then the chosen metallic



These colours 100% need to go over WHITE or they will look terrible. So for a typical application, we would lay

down PRIMER GREY, then WHITE, then the chosen fluorescent colour.


Are pretty good over anything, but we recommend GUNMETAL GREY or PRIMER GREY base first.


Pretty much 100% of the time over a BLACK base colour. You can mix these up and go over other colours, say

RED for example with some and get really good results, but generally stick to BLACK.


Pearls 100% rely on the base colour. They are NOT colours themselves and simply an EFFECT. They are

generally used as a finish coat to something to give it a unique finish, For example GOLD PEARL. Sprayed over

create a GOLD effect on the angles of ANY colour. It will not do it on its own though, and will not be

a GOLD colour.

So as an example, to re-create similar to the Ford RS Focus Green, we would first use GREY PRIMER, WHITE next.

then LIME GREEN, followed by the GOLD PEARL Pearls are complicated. It is not simply a case of spraying WHITE

PEARL and getting a white pearl finish.

On the website we give the recommended BASE COLOUR. You do not have to follow this, but the end result may

be wildly different to the picture shown. The picture shown will be over the recommended base colour. If in any doubt fire us an email. But to get the picture shown, use the method we recommend. 


The SMOKE range is unique in the fact it is transparent. It is used mostly on car headlights and rear lights to give

a tint to them. Most popular by far is the black smoke. Easily removed on the roadside if you get pulled. ;)


These are a larger fake pearl. They have been called 'GHOST PEARLS' incorrectly by other companies. so

added that name onto the website so you know what you are getting. They work the way standard pearl does. They are generally used over a WHITE base. What they then give is a white car / wheel, and on the corners when the sun or light shines on them, they give off the chosen colour. The ones we show in the colour swatches in their section are over a BLACK base so you can see the colour. You cannot see the difference on a white page! You can use ANY base colour, but we recommend you use WHITE.


We carry two glosses in aerosol format. GLOSSIFIER and SUPERGLOSS/ SUPERMATTE


- Easy to spray

- Easy to peel

- The more coats the more of a gloss effect you get (still not OEM Though)


- Harder to spray well

- Very little used (one lightcoat, one wet coat)

- OEM type finish

- Fuel resistant

- Can be polished

- Much harder to peel though, especially over plastics (we class this as SEMI permanent)