This is the same system used to do your car, nothing new is needed. No 'other' products required

as we have seen in other systems. Everything here is as simple and cost effective as we can make

it for you.


Lets say we want to protect the front of a car. The traditional method is to vinyl wrap or the vinyl

based clear wraps etc. Many other systems out there. All we do with FullDip is

1 - Prep the car as before

2 - Two very light dust coats of CLEAR PPF (Paint protection coating) FullDip.

3 - 5 wet/heavy coats of CLEAR matte FullDip.

4 - Leave 24 hours.

5 - One light and one wet coat of the PRO GLOSS.

6 - Leave 24 hours.

7 - Remove any masking, car is ready to go.


The beauty of this is there are NO joins, no fingers, bubbling or more importantly, gaps around fog

lights, grills etc. It is one solid film of protection. No matter how many angles and what they are.

NO razoring Perfectly protected from scratches, stone chips, keys, vandals. Even if someone

attacks your car with a spray paint, simply peel and car paint underneath is original and unmolested. Perfect. What you also benefit is the entire front is protected. NOT just approximately 30cm from the front. The entire bonnet, wings and bumper.

Excellent for LEASE cars or your yearly trip to Le Mans! :)

For better application demo, info and hints see the Matt-Pack website/videos we make.