Drop-Ins / Tinters

Drop-ins or tinters are very easy to mix. They are designed to be used in the 4 litre

FullDip CLEAR MATTE. No measuring required. One per 4 litre. Simple.

Method we use;

1: Shake the 4 Litre CLEAR for one minute.

2: Shake the chosen DROP IN (s) for one minute.

3: Remove the lids from both.

4: Pour the contents of the DROP IN (s) into the CLEAR.

5: Get your drill out with a mixer / wooden stirrer and mix thoroughly.

6: Replace the lid on the CLEAR.

7: Shake again for one minute.

It is now ready for use.

So, if you bought a CARMINE RED 4 litre, what you receive in the box will be 1x CLEAR

MATTE 4 litre and 1x CARMINE RED DROP IN. Follow the above procedure and you will

have your CARMINE RED sprayable 4 Litre.

If you wanted for example METALLIC BLUE, you would order the BLUE 4 litre, AND a

METALIZER DROP IN. In the above procedure you would have 2x DROP INS. A BLUE and

a METALIZER. Pour them both into the CLEAR and you will have a Metallic BLUE :)


There are two types of pigments. FullDip PIGMENTS and other pigments. The FullDip

ones are so simple to do. They are designed for a FullDip 4 litre CLEAR MATTE. Follow

this procedure;

1: Shake the 4 Litre CLEAR for one minute.

2: Remove the lid.

4: Pour the contents of the FullDip PIGMENT into the CLEAR.

5: Get your drill out with a mixer / wooden stirrer and mix thoroughly.

6: Replace the lid on the CLEAR.

7: Shake again for one minute.

It is now ready for use.

If you are using another pigment from another company, you would follow the exact

procedure above also. But you need to know the mix ratio. If you buy from Matt-Pack

(we recommend) it will say in the description how many grams per litre. A FullDip

CLEAR is 4 litres. A pigment that is 10g per litre, you would need 40g (4 x 10). A

pigment that requires 5g per litre, would need 20g (4x5), and so on. Pretty easy

system once you get it.

Creating a SATIN

Creating a SATIN is a piece of cake! Materials needed are a FullDip 4 litre of chosen

colour (be it standard colour, a clear or one you made via page 18), a 1 litre of glossifier

and a 5 litre container. A funnel is a nice add on too, but not essential. Makes the job

easier and less messy (all available at Matt-Pack).

1: Open the 4 litre FullDip colour (or clear).

2: Use the funnel (if you have) and pour all 4 litres into the 5 litre container.

3: Add the 1 litre GLOSSIFIER contents to the 5 litre container too.

4: Shake like mad for a few minutes.

It is now ready to use.

This is the method we use here and gives us a perfect SATIN. You can alternatively

use 1x 4 litre CLEAR MATTE and also 1x 4 litre GLOSSIFIER. Mix them together as a 1:1

(50:50) mix and you will have an 8 litre SATIN. We find this to be a bit too much though

and prefer the 4 litre : 1 litre mix (4:1 or 80:20).


The PRO GLOSS is an amazing product. Gives a better than OEM finish and is peelable.

Mixing is not as easy as other products we do, you need to pay attention and

concentrate. But the results are well worth the efforts.

Firstly, what you receive in the kit is four items. 2x 1L Gloss, 1x 1L Catalyser and 1x

thinner. Its a 2:1:5% mix. What that means is for every 2 parts gloss, you need 1 part

catalyst and 5% thinner. How does that translate into the real world?

Simply you need double the gloss to catalyst, and then add 5%. So using real


for 200mL of gloss, you would add 100mL of catalyst.

This gives a 2:1 ratio of gloss to catalyst. Double the gloss for the catalyst. Simple :)

This gives a total of 300mL sprayable PRO GLOSS. Then add 5% thinner. 5% of 300 is

15. So you add 15mL thinner. How to work this out? 300mL is 300, if we multiply that

by 0.05, you get the 5%. In this case 15. So 300mL PRO GLOSS plus 15mL thinner is

the perfect mix. Say we want to go bigger? 400mL gloss, would need 200mL catalyst,

giving 600. 600 x 0.05=30, so add 30mL thinner. There are mixing cups available to

aid this (Matt-Pack) and make the job a lot easier.

You have to be careful to be accurate. If not you will have a few problems, either wont

dry very quickly or ever if not enough catalyst. Too much and dries too fast, uneven

and terrible looking. Too much thinner and too runny and you will get runs, not

enough and too thick and will be all orange peel.

This product is for the PRO and not a first time dipper, it is also recommended to use a

compressor setup. The turbines WILL spray it, but it is SO much easier to ruin it and

waste your hard earned £££.