FullDip® SPECIAL COLOURS. Discover the most amazing effects with
this range of reflective colours, luminescent, etc. Very useful for
specific applications where you need the technical characteristics
that these products offer us.


At night these reflect the lights shone onto them. Difficult to show in
a photo as the flash lights up everything, but think hi-vis vest and
you are pretty much there. Gives a silvery reflective patch.

UV Activated

These are similar to thermochromics as in they change colour from
chosen colour to transparent. But they do not work from heat, they
work from UV. So at night it is chosen colour, but in sunlight (UV)
they go transparent. Ultra cool!

Glow in the Dark

Glow pigments are great to see at night. They use UV during the daylight to ‘charge up’ as it were. Then glow for a few hours at night. Ideally used on small items such as badges or trim parts. Excellent for interior parts. Work over any base colour. But, the lighter the base, the better it charges and glows. These are the same as Flo colours and will stop working after a few weeks / months depending on exposure, coverage and amount of coats etc.



Thermochromics are awesome! They work using heat. The activation temperature is 31 degrees. They come in three colours, BLACK, ORANGE and BLUE. They are these colours when sprayed, but as soon as the panel or items they are sprayed on reaches 31 degrees, they turn transparent and show what is underneath.

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