As you are aware, FullDip is a victim (as ALL peelable paints are) of not being fuel resistant. No

matter what lies people tell you, NO dip is fuel resistant. UNTIL you add a fuel resistant topcoat.

This is NOT required, but a good way to finish it. These fuel resistant top coats are a fairly new

invention having been around since 2015, the dip industry managed with out it previously.

Why is dip so bad with fuel? Well, proper dips are all a rubber based product which in turn is a

petroleum based product. So if you spill petrol / diesel on it acts as a thinner. Softening the

surface, worst thing you can do is wipe it, as in this softened state it will merely wipe away, leaving

the original colour showing through. Best option is to leave it. Let it dry. You can always go over a

few coats to freshen it up later and restore back to normal. Fuel, in particular diesel is quite a dirty

liquid, so it leaves a stain. This is all perfectly normal and not unexpected as like we said, due to

being in the same chemical family this will always happen. And now the fuel resistant top coats are

in existence, this problem is fixed. Best thing is not to spill it in the first place :)

Another weakness is bird poop. This has always been a problem, even in properly painted factory

paint. The key is to remove it as soon as you can. Again, the fuel resistant topcoats protect you

from issues (you still need to remove ASAP though).

Ok, this all sounds doom and gloom. It’s not :) There is a way to help. Its called ‘Dip Coat’

The FullDip ‘DipCoat’ BLUE is for MATTE dip jobs.

Once the car / wheels / project is complete, before you rebuild it, we recommend you
use this. Simply employ 2 microfibre cloths. Spray the ‘DipCoat ’on to one and wipe

it on the dipped surface, you can be as liberal as you like. Work your way around the

car / project. Then use the second cloth to buff it up. This brings the matte finish back
to original colour, also helps keep it clean, as dirt wont really stick to it. Next time you

wash it the dirt pretty much slides off. Once car is dry, re ‘DipCoat’ it. If you do it

every time it will help keep your dip job in tip top condition. One bottle will last ages

too, most cars you can do them at least 30 times! Because of this little extra protection

it gives you a little more of a shield between fuel spillages and bird poop. Will NOT

stop it from reacting, but gives you a small window of opportunity to save it from catastrophe!

The FullDip ‘DipCoat’ PINK is for GLOSS / SATIN dip jobs. You apply the

PINK ‘DipCoat’ in exactly same way. This gives protection for your GLOSS

or SATIN dip jobs in exactly same way. This is for use with the ‘Glossifier’

topcoats, and the self made satin finishes (made by adding one litre of

glossifier to the 4 Litre dip - instuctions elsewhere). You can use this for

PRO top coats also.

                        FullDip ‘Shampoo’

                        An excellent cleaner for a dipped project. The matte finishes

                        are so hard to find a good cleaning product, as many contain

                        chemicals that react or they have some form of wax in them that leaves streaks. Here we

                        have a dedicated shampoo for dipped cars / wheels. We recommend you use one capful

                        of this concentrate per litre of warm water in the bucket. Will give the dip a good deep

                        clean. Of course once dried follow up with the ‘Dip Coat’

FullDip, Liquid Vinyl, Peelable Paint, Car, Spray Wrap, Dipcoat, Dipcoat Matte
FullDip, Liquid Vinyl, Peelable Paint, Car, Spray Wrap, Car Shampoo, Peelable Paint Shampoo, Aftercare
FullDip, Liquid Vinyl, Peelable Paint, Car, Spray Wrap, Dipcoat, Dipcoat Gloss