Full Dip® Electric HVLP Fact Sheet


Electric HVLP paint equipment especially designed for professional finish with our liquid vinyl Full Dip®. With the FD650 gun you will be more efficient and faster. HVLP designed with novel system that optimizes the use of our liquid vinyl without waste, but with a very high yield. Get the great finishes you want, but from budget priced

gun. Excellent for the budget cautious. 


- Operating voltage: 220V-50Hz
- Power: 650w

- Motor 30,000rpm

- Max flow 200ml / min

- Paint Cup: 700ml

- Hose length: 3.2m

- 1.8 mm Nozzle
- Professional manufacturer
- Low waste (overspray) due to efficient atomistation
- Allows full colour changes to be made at a fraction
of normal costs
- No prior painting experience is required to explore
all the possibilities offered 
by the Full Dip® FD650 setup.

- Extremely easy to use
- Designed and built for DIY 


- Thanks to its high flow rate of 200 ml / min, you can quickly achieve your desired finish. Thanks to the perfect

atomisation system, approved and controlled by Full Dip®, you get smooth, uniform finishes and without hardly any waste of materials.
- Nozzle with adjustable and adjustable system ; from a wide range to a precise point, all proportionally

adjustable, You have control at all times of fan opening range and orientation. 

- Adjustable paint flow precisely, with a mechanical stop, easy and enjoyable performance.


- The interior design of the new FD650 HVLP System with

external adjustments, means it doesn't require regular
maintenance or 0-ring replacement.

- You will of course need to clean the gun after each

application, to ensure continued performance is as good as
the first day.

- However, and if necessary, Full Dip® can supply spare parts
that may be needed.

- See Matt-Pack website for cleaning and how to look after the gun.