Full Dip® candies, pearls and diamond effects, get unique finishes and radiant unique looks.

Simply use the chosen pearl effect over the appropriate base colour and get some stunning colours that really pop in the sun. We recommend that you use a BLACK base colour for most of them, but a few are WHITE. See website for what we recommend. For best effect we recommend a gloss topcoat. These are all a MATTE finish as standard.


Full Dip® standard pearls. These are the worldwide standard pearls, used everywhere. GOLD, WHITE and SILVER. They can be used over ANY base colour. Remember they are an effect and NOT a COLOUR, they work in unison with the base colour. The most popular by far is the GOLD as its the most versatile, and works with pretty much any colour base. The WHITE is 99% of the time used over a WHITE base colour for a superior, classy white finish. This combo is often used on high end colour choices for a new car. The SILVER usually over a BLACK base, but great over a WHITE one too. These are a MATTE finish as standard.

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